Danny (danorpugs) wrote,

Just been for a job interview, and I'm back home before 10am. Seriously what the fuck?
Anyway, seems I am going to be working at Manchester City College in Northenden on a temporary basis for a while, not sure how long, possibly getting a permanent job by the end of it. Which is a bit dirt, I mean it's good, but it's dirt because I don't know whether to quit at Somerfield or not with this new job being temporary and having rent to pay.
I've done the sums and if I work at the college, and do the nights at Somerfield I will actually be minted, like Rolls Royce minted, but on the downside I might actually die at 35 working 09:00-16:30 in the days, then 17:30-22:00 at nights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 14:00-22:00 on Saturdays. Which not including breaks into account breaks is 55.5 hours a week (I currently do 70 hours in a Month!), and I'm not even a nurse.
Well I will try it for a few weeks at least. Even if I have to quit at Somerfield, I will still make up what I would have earnt there for the rest of my time in this house in a month or two.

(Parenthesis for my benefit-
I want to write it down somewhere so I don't end up being a hypocrite, or so I can see if I am being one in the future. I enjoy living the life of a bit of a pawper, it feels good to just scrape along with the bare minimum, I feel like I can make sensible decisions with my money like not buying an i-pod or whatever just because that's all that most people talk about, and generally denying myself simply materialistic rubbish, I have learnt to cook more things, which taste awesome by just buying loads of mega-cheap veggies and throwing them in a pan together. Obviously, spending as much as I do on booze is not sensible, but I don't spend as much as I used to. I only go shopping with things in mind, not in order to find things that I might want. I don't have a car because I don't need a car.
Therefore I pledge-
Not to buy a phone with a camera on it.
Not to buy an MP3 player.
To try and live off around £50-£60 a week still, but I do need to try and go out in Manny a bit more often.... Not that I'll have any time to!

The only problem is when other people come into the equation, presents etc, hmm special dispensation shall be granted.
end of.......)

United yesterday, oh dear, I listened to it on the radio it buzzed me up so much. I thought there was definitely 3 points there for the taking, but not in such a way that Rio and John O'Shea were fighting over who wanted to be in net by the end of it!

Stu, please report progress on the ticket sitch.

Me Ridgway and Salisbury are buzzing it up with 3-way Champ over the network at the mo, it is quality. Waiting for them both to wake up to put some hours in with Liverpool...
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