Danny (danorpugs) wrote,

I'm really fucked, not just a little, but really fucked. I came back from work on Saturday night, watched MOTD, and ever since, I have been snotting, sneezing, gurning, and generally feeling like shizzle. Soooo... As I didn't have a Vindaloo, but I did have the other half of the patented Danny Steinegger cure for a cold, I just hit the whiskey... And through School of Rock 6.5/10 and Zoolander 6/10 (don't get me wrong I enjoyed them, it's just that the gap between a 10/10 is so much, that I'd say anything over a 5 is a good film.) I think I have had about 3/4 of a bottle. I'm not proud of myself, I write only to recommend this course of treatment to any budding cold-sufferer.
P.S it especially helps when the Whiskey is free :).
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