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Stick it up your arse [Jun. 9th, 2010|07:09 pm]
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I'm watching a news story on the BBC about sanctions on Iran due their nuclear program.

I'm being fed some bullshit about why Iran is an extreme rouge state and that they can't be trusted with the same nuclear capabilities as countries that have broken international law and acted bilaterally without UN backing in waging illegal wars based on exactly this kind of bullshit premise. Or the same nuclear weapons as a country that occupies an area of land on the grounds of religion (but not Islam, so it's okay!) and subjugates the population and perpetuates their poverty with a blockade, creating the hatred which it uses as its justification for repeated and disproportionate attacks. As well as shooting unarmed people trying to bring those people some relief. That is fucking okay. No fucking sanctions there.
Why punish a state that is committing actual outrages and crimes when you can manufacture your enemies based on myths you've created in your public's minds?

For some reason I'm being told not to like Iran repeatedly, based on the same reoccurring news stories that aren't actually based on any new real events, whereas a disgraceful act by Isreal only last week has been all but forgotten because they're "OUR" friends, and because "WE" are their allies.
There's your impartiality, you, the public who is supposed to make up your own mind based on reporting of the facts is assumed to be part of this "WE" and "US", rather than as sentient beings who can make up their own minds who they adds their support to.
Impartiality from the BBC? Please. I find it necessary to watch the same stories on Russia Today, Al Jazeera and Channel 4 news just to keep me sane so I don't feel like I'm being completely brainwashed by the entirely one-sided points of view of the news that I have to pay to perpertuate.
Thanks BBC for giving me my monies worth.

I live in a world where my clothes are made in China, my car comes from Germany, my TV comes from Japan, my computer from USA, my coffee from Brazil, my dinner from New Zealand. Free movement of people from one European country to another, the breaking down of borders on business lines, money markets are global. But when it comes to the news on my TV and in the newspapers the national boundaries are as strong as ever, I'm still given my "international" news from the perspective of "us" and "them". I am supposed to be a part of a community that acts with a single will, even though the only things  all its members have in common is a geographical accident.

Happily there is the internet, where you are not assumed to be of a certain viewpoint based on which bit of land you occupy on the planet, you can join communities of like minded people based on the opinions you have reached rather than those imposed upon you, and implanted in your mind from the moment you became conscious.

Bring down the borders.

From: zipupitt
2011-04-15 12:50 am (UTC)
Great, I never knew this, thanks.

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From: jarlmonu
2011-11-03 04:22 pm (UTC)
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